A refuge for sports aficionados can be found nestled within a stunning seaside paradise. It's an incredible getaway for anyone looking for the excitement of competition in opulent surroundings. The Royal Diwa Tekirova Beach Resort is the ideal location for sports club members or anybody looking for all-encompassing training and exercise options thanks to its state-of-the-art athletic amenities, which include basketball and tennis courts.

Basketball Bliss: Our spotless court is the ideal location for a friendly match or some intensive practice. Play basketball with other visitors, sharpen your abilities, or engage intense competition with pals. Sport and elegance are combined at Euphoria Palm Beach Resort.


 Excellence in Training: Royal Diwa Tekirova Resort is serious about your training. Dumbbells are among the many pieces of equipment in our fitness facility that can help you get the most out of your workout. Our facilities are suitable for people of all fitness levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned athletes.


 Comfort Of a Fitness Towel: As you go about your workout regimen, don't forget to take your dependable fitness towel with you. During your workouts, a fitness towel is a must-have friend to keep you comfortable and wipe away any sweat. At Royal Diwa Tekirova Resort, we recognize how having a fitness towel by your side may improve your workout.


 Sporting Diversity: The Royal Diwa Tekirova Resort is all about embracing the variety of sports and fitness pursuits. We provide a variety of sporting options, ranging from basketball to tennis, to accommodate different interests. Our resort offers both general fitness training and training for specialized sports.

 Aquatic Journeys: If water sports are more your style, our resort can accommodate you. Swim sessions in our dazzling pool will leave you feeling refreshed. Beach volleyball fans will be thrilled to have the chance to play on our beautiful sandy beach, which makes the ideal setting for competitive games.

  Royal Diwa Tekirova Resort is more than simply a haven for relaxation; it's also a haven for fans of sports and fitness. We provide everything, whether you want a challenging workout in the gym, an exhilarating game of basketball, tennis, or aquatic experiences. Relax in our sumptuous lodgings after a busy day and take in the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean. At Royal Diwa Tekirova, where fitness meets grandeur, get ready for a sports-filled voyage by packing your gym gear, bringing your competitive spirit, and planning your itinerary. Your upcoming exceptional fitness getaway is calling!

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